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Oss My Name is Zaya Zaya a full time over 30 years of Martial Arts 6th Degree Black Belt.

With experience in Kung Fu, Karate, Pankration, Ju-Jitsu, Grappling and MMA. Since 1997 with knowledge expanding from teaching, training to assisting in promotions and owner operator of martial art clubs. Promotions on Kickboxing shows, Grappling events, various Mixed Martial Arts Competitions State, National and International on the mat, in the ring and in the cage. Organizing and supervising events, including ringside duties, judging, refereeing, training fighters and teams for tournaments. Fight team members resulting in numerous competition wins and titles in full contact karate, kickboxing, grappling, pankration and mixed martial arts. Providing and organizing training courses for officials in judging, refereeing and inspectors role in conjunction with the NSW Combat Sports Authority. Coordinator of the first training course for the first UFC debut in Australia included two UFC veteran officials from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Media coverage and write-ups of achievements can be seen and are featured in leading martial art magazines.



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