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Student Info: Teacher Training

Class Etiquette :


We bow to show a sign of respect.


Times that we bow:

We bow as we enter and leave the Dojo. 

at the beginning of class when directed to do so.

When addressed by any black belt or higher belt.

When directed to perform before the class, students should first bow to Grandmaster Wrenn.


We line up at the beginning of each class with the highest belt on the right end of the line. You will hear the highest belt say "straight line", immediately look to your right and get in line with the person next to you.

Karate outside of class:

You may not use the karate you learn in class to attack anyone at home, school, etc. Karate is used for self-defense purposes only.

Student Grades: 

Your grades are very important. You must show Grandmaster Wrenn your report card and maintain acceptable grades to be permitted to continue in class.

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Three things to know

From your first class through the higher levels of instruction, you will be reminded of the three things that you should do at all times during class and in your own practice: you must concentrate, focus, and proper breathing.

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