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Tournament that TKI supports will be announced in class and by          email/text. All colored belts are eligible to participate.

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Etiquette :
Proper respect is called for at all times for the judges, competitors, and event itself.
Always bow when given instruction by a judge.
Never walk directly in front of a black belt, and always respect the ring by walking around, never through.

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Tournament Day :

You should arrive early to have enough time to change, warm-up, and practice your kata. You must wear a clean, pressed uniform.

You are responsible for your ring assignments so you will have to listen to the announcements or find out what they are when you arrive.

Sparring :
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You will most likely spar as soon as the kata competition is over. Put on your gear and do a short warm-up but don't overdo it. The judges will pair you with a competitor (try not to get paired with a classmate) and that's it. Nothing to it.

You have a plan and you have practiced. Stick to your plan and relax. When the ring judge says "Fight" don't wait. 

Please remember that this is an enjoyable learning experience. Try the best you can and have fun.

Prior to the competition, please refrain from visiting. We want to respect the other competitors. 

For any questions, comments, or concerns 

Please contact the number at the bottom of the page.

Kata :

When it is your turn to perform, the center judge will indicate so. If a competitor has gone before you, you should be "on deck" waiting for your turn. Bow to the previous competitor, walk outside the ring to the center, turn and bow. Enter the ring and bow, and then assume ready position. Typically you will be told in which order you shall perform. If you have a choice, however, never go first and don't go to the beginning or end of the line. Speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard. Relax and observe. 

You will state the following introduction:

"Judges, my name is (.....). I am a student of the American Combative Arts System. My instructor is Patrick Wrenn. Today I would like to perform for you the traditional form (.....). With your permission, I will begin."

The center judge will then indicate that you should begin. Bow, Then back up until you are a comfortable distance, and begin your kata. When you have completed your kata, assume the ready position until the judges have scored your performance. The center judge will indicate that you are dismissed. Bow, back up until you are outside the ring, turn and bow to your next competitor. 

You can now breathe! 

You may sit, stand, or pass out, but don't leave until the kata competition is done.   

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