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TKI Contributor Spotlight of the Week!

TKI belongs to the people. People who have worked out here and have found their greatness...people who come to visit, just to witness greatness...rock n' roll fans of Elvis and of GM Patrick of Superfoot. Everyone of these people contribute in some way, to TKI. We are going to focus on some of our contributors over the next few weeks. We will show the person, tell the story of what they have done and what TKI means in their life. The 1st in the series will be a man who has contributed to TKI for the past 40 years...a man who is part of the foundation of TKI. Master Barry Luka. From training professional boxers and kickboxers to painting our insignia on the walking by my side in almost every great accomplishment in my life...Master Barry Luka.

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There will be no class tonight, see you Thursday night at 630. GM Patrick Wrenn

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