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Encouraging Message from Mitch (works 1on 1 with Patrick)

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

You know, I have been through a whole lot since March 22, 2019, when I had a catastrophic life event, an ischemic stroke, caused by an accident where my carotid was torn. When I say a lot... I mean a lot.

* A lot of physically therapy to learn how to eat, talk, smile, use my hand and walk.

* A lot of emotional therapy with my doctors, family, Lisa and friends.

* A lot of tests to make sure I am functioning properly, and there are no more strokes on the way.

* A lot of medication to resolve my issues, that affected my whole body.

* A lot of pain in my shoulders that won’t go away.

* Multiple visits to many different doctors

Then, I went through a lot of various programs to help heal my pain:

* Intensive Rehab therapy immediately after the Stroke

* Advanced rehab therapy with the Baptist Medical Group which really helped

* Visits to three Ortho Experts who tried injections and various therapies

* Visits to a pain management doctor, which wasn’t for me

* Light weight lifting and cardio at ATC, LifeTime, etc. (somewhat helpful, but I am not getting any stronger)

* Workouts with a distinguished Yoga Expert, Karen Moss, and laying on the Salt Mines, (which was extremely helpful)

* Three months of Manduu, electrical stimulation workouts and now, (it was somewhat helpful)...

So I got a call from a old friend, Patrick Wrenn, who invited me to try karate at TKI, which I’ve never tried. .... it is not easy to see where I was before the stroke, look at where I was after all of the above and see where I am now. I had very little movement on my right side, and would react with extreme pain and spasticity when I would attempt to move my arm. I am still in pain, but yet, get up three to four days a week because I am inspired by a leader, instructor, and Sensei, Patrick Wrenn. He encourages me, he teaches me the proper way to hold my body and exercise it to rebuild my strength and coordination, not only with my body, in my spirit and in my mind. He inspires brain neuroplasticity and encourages focus, concentration, and breathing. We work my right arm and leg, the affected side, as hard as my left side. I come home exhausted, yet refreshed. Tired, yet renewed. This may be the answer to keep me going by having a mentor who’s tough on me, yet endorses my mental strength and knows what is still in me. I am working to get it back...that Eye of the Tiger. Thanks to Patrick Wrenn and his studio... I will!

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