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Thank You!

I am owner of a small business. Recently, I have seen so many businesses close down in failure. TKI has been my life for over 50 years, through thick and thin. Enter C19, and our business changes.

TKI survives because it is a family business. My wife, my kids, and I do all the work to keep TKI clean and welcoming to our students and visitors. Our students are part of our family and are always there to help out. We have a responsibility to maintain TKI as the Historical site that it is. We must raise up each new student in the proud tradition of the many wonderful people who have contributed to the legend of our school. We don't have to sell belts or manufacture a story of greatness. Literally, the greatest names in the Martial Arts have walked up our steps, and through our door.

This note is to say Thank You to all of you wonderful people, students and visitors, who help us to create the story of TKI. Thank you to all of our Elvis fans, who write their names on our walls. Thank you to my Lucero fans, who want to see the place they named their first album after. Thanks to my family, for making my dream, their dream. Thank God, for this great opportunity !

GM Patrick Wrenn

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There will be no class tonight, see you Thursday night at 630. GM Patrick Wrenn

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